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Couldn't pass on the black friday offer and had to place order for "juice" for future use:) the gear arrived in 7-8 days, from ordering.the goodies where packed in big hardboard box and stuffed with plasticb bubbles to avoid shaking. i got HCG 2000iu, Testos 250 mg/ml, Drostargos 200 mg/m, Trenentos 200 mg/ml, Dinabolyn 10 mg, Clomilad 25 mg, Boldelad 250 mg/ml, Propios 100 mg/ml , Stakos 150 mg/ml,Caberos (Cabergoline) 0.25mg , Cypilos 250 mg/ml, Nandecos 200 mg/ml, Cialyn (Tadalafil) . this is my third order from Driada.

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These guys have the best packaging in the game….. hopefully they start shipping to the US soon, I’m missing out :(

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I agree, I'm envious of their marketing game