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  • dubedition28   •   Tue, Sep 10th, '19 09:56   •   2 replies, 139 views

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I've used Dragon, Test E, Test C, NPP, EQ, and primo 100, dbol, and Anavar. But never Tren.
I decided to pick up some Tren E 200 for a show this December. I'll be posting a review as well as precontest photos. So far, Dragon has served me right and is a go to for quality products. Thanks, Dragon PS!


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  • Martin.R
  • 2 weeks ago

Looking to get some of this for my next time around. Excited to see how you get on :)

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  • ziabungle
  • 2 weeks ago

Great stuff, gains were crazy from test 500/wk and only 200/tren e weekly. Enjoy.