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  • Edit Caber for my Tren and NPP

  • dubedition28   •   Sat, Sep 14th, '19 14:54   •   2 replies, 391 views

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The good stuff! Running .5 mg e3.5 days.

One 1mg Caber a week typically works for 400 mg NPP or 500mg Deca ew - FOR me... Everyone is different.

Will be using it with 300mg Tren E ew this run for a show in December.

Product review to follow. Thanks, Steroidify!


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  • stairmaster
  • 4 months ago

Without bloods?

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I hate to say this but I see less than 1 out of 100 people get blood work done. They usually just Google dosages or listen to a friend and then run it until the side effects are bad they think it’s being done right. I’m not insulting this guy because I don’t know his background or whether he has done blood work or not. But generally speaking it’s getting less and less popular while steroids are getting more popular.