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  • roadkill   •   Mon, Nov 7th, '11 18:26   •   6 replies, 1479 views

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  • Sir William
  • 9 years ago

I read about this going back on old forum posts to their generxxl day's guy were claiming that those labs reports were bogus and that the orals and oils were quite under-dosed.

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  • sayiwont25
  • 9 years ago

i hope this aint the same with PCMP4Hundred!

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  • gio
  • 9 years ago

thanks for posting this. Are you gonna test other products?

  • anon
  • Anonymous
  • 9 years ago

What a bunch of thieves. They claim they sell mast e which is rare and yet they sell a blend that is test only? This is the most straightforward blend they have. Really wonder whats on their other blends that have 3-4 compounds. I bet is all test and maybe some deca? The cheeky fucks have lab results of their DPL450 which shows that it has arround 260mg mast e and 250mg test e. I guess now we can discard all of axios labs/claims. Glad i havent touched them again.

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  • 7gothic
  • 9 years ago

So this dogshit lists for $161.00...they sell it for $97...it was tested and found to be nothing more than low-grade test with NO Mast in it?
RegenXL...shame on you.

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Damn shame on them for sure! Thanks for the heads up