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  • Pxpxp   •   Thu, Aug 13th, '20 14:16   •   2 replies, 129 views

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Domesticroids is amazing! I made an order and it landed in 3 days! This source is awesome and has quality gear! I’m excited to use ZPHC deca! I’ll try to get a little lean during my cruise and post some pics. Thanks Domestic Roids!


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  • 2 months ago

I've never ran Deca that was dosed at 250mg/mL.
I was thinking about how I would dose it if I did. I think I would pin .75cc (187.5mg) twice a week for a total of 375mg a week. I don't wanna run less than 250mg a week or more than 400mg a week the next time I run Deca. I've only ran Deca twice and 300mg a week was my highest. I feel comfortable going up 75mg a week next time.

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  • 2 months ago

Thank you for orders bro and sharing your photo!
Have a nice day)