Dhb landed


Will include in next run.

Ordered from
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enjoy bro

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Let us know how this cycle goes. I found dhb to be extremely overrated. Tried it twice and won’t use it again.

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I feel the same way. I ran it this past winter from a different source, with test/deca and wasn't very impressed. Even sent it in to test and it came back slightly overdosed. I believe from my last labs that it killed my lipid profile. Thinking I'd give it another try as a rider alongside test/primo/mast. Maybe.

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That’s how I’m running it now. Primo for nitrogen retention, base of test and mast for androgenic drive and estrogen control, and DHB for strength and vascularity. Comin into week 8 or so and I’m doing the full stack on leg extensions and rows without much struggle. My strength is definitely up.

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That's just what I was thinking. Damn. On the same page. Decided to throw in the dhb just recently. Im just not sure how I want to ratio the primo/mast to start.

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Pictures used to tell me the lab or source name. Who is this from bigchips

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I know now we never know where it came from

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