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test sust 300 (3), tren a 100 (3), test prop 100 (2), adex (2), wini (2)

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Nice grab,
I like ur photo, kinda looks like mine.
Be original. Lol
Jk pal.
That Tren makes me severe mental health& dilutional.
Str8 psych patient

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Thanks. Yeah they say great minds think alike brother lol. Pumped to start this. I'll keep updates as I go.

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Lmao. Same here. And when I’m not running it I wanna run it. Then I’m running it and can’t wait to come the fuck off I become a basket case. I already
Got mental health. Tren magnifies it x10000000”

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Yeah , the consequences have become too great at this point to risk running something that gives me less control over my mental.
There’s only high consequence & risk& absolutely zero reward of me personally running Tren.
I tried some of his ace about 4-5 weeks ago . I immediately pulled the plug

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Lmao. I know exactly whar your talking about bro.

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