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Dbol from teamrooids


Maybe y’all can help with legitimacy as well thank you first time running dbol with test e 500mg after a tren stack time to bulk

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Just pop 150 and see how them nips get lmao.

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Bro you are good this stuff is fine. How many times does someone have to say it. If it is from teamroids then that makes me know it is real. They are a good source from everything I have seen and been here awhile.

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I bit into the pill , it tastes slightly sweet but then bitter to finish off..

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Taste has nothing to do whether it is legit or not. I have used a lot of DP, and all has been good. Haven't used the dbol but based on you got it from a verified reseller, I personally wouldn't be worried about it.

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I’ve used their Dbol before and it’s legit

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I have plenty of Arimidex .5 eod

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I think you should worry more about where you putting your tabs and keeping things clean what is that yellow mouldy stuff?

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Looks like a urinal.

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