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+ 2 Day 21 No Excuses Progress Pictures


These photos are taken 21 days apart
600mg sustanon
300mg tren e

Weighing in @200 right now. Getting leaner. The goal of cycle was a lean bulk. Diet is a variation of keto. Under 30g of carbs while maintaining 200g of protein. 2500 calories to 3000 daily

Up 10 lbs on the scale. Leaner than before. My second picture was post workout pump. First picture flat on off day

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So I am winding down for this cycle. The last picture is where I am ending up at. I am very happy with my cycle and with no excuses. I’m 195 on the scale. Feeling lean and strong. I would highly recommend NoExcuses based on price, shipping speeds, and product effectiveness

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Thanks Brother

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I feel that emoji is your reflects your personality. +1

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I’m not sure if that’s a complement or not but he’ll. I’ll own it. Thanks bud

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I have always used Tren Ace(flinaplix homemade kits--), so how does the Tren E feel different than tren acetate? I know there shouldn't be any difference, but sometimes when I'm on Test Prop I get a little more geeked up than when I'm on Test E.

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I would say that I don’t feel a difference othe than I normally harden up on ace in at the beginning of week two on the cycle. This is the first time I really felt the thick hardening related to tren this week. Week 4. But the night sweats are kicking in. I feel the exact same. But I’m my own personal experience I need a slightly higher dose of E than a. But it makes up for it I’m not having to pin Ed

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My first cycle back post surgery. Have not workout out in over a year. I feel great finally getting back to work. Test/Tren combo is working nicely. Feel stronger and denser each week.

Also 2nd picture is the before picture. Uploaded them backwards.

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Haha I was just about to say looks like you lost some muscle and definition!
Great results keep it up

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