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About mid way through cycle.
Starting weight was 233lbs kinda Fluffy. I came off everything for 8 weeks and my testosterone sank to 62 ng/dl total. My mission was/is to put on muscle while burning fat. Not the easiest thing to do but it's happening. Currently 243lbs in leaner shape than I started. Still much work to do stay tuned. I feel pretty good my appetite got slightly off when i seem to have a small flare up of my existing gastrointestinal condition my cycle consists of : compound
Weeks 1-5
Bayer Rimobolan 400mg/wk
Vermodje EQ 600mg/wk
Test E 750mg/wk

Weeks 6-10
Vermodje test prop / balkan test suspension 100mg daily alternating compounds e.o.d.
Vermodje eq 600mg/wk (Weeks 6-8)
Tren hex 225 mg/wk

Weeks 9-10
Masteron ( 500mg/wk
Winstrol 50mg/daily

Weeks 1-10
HGH 5 i.u. daily (used kits from both and both are of great quality and did bloods for both.

I will try to provide better pics in near future, I suck at pics and lighting sucked but I make no excuses. I happy with my progress but I'm going to get in my best shape at my biggest is my goal. Getting harder these days pushing 40 y.o.

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Looking good brother I’m a big fan usdomship it’s been my go to for almost a year now mainly because of the growth it’s the best and most trustworthy source I’ve came across in awhile all the gear seems very stable anyways looking good bro I love that polish that growth will give it just takes a while to shine but we’ll worth the wait

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Thanks bro, I have a few weeks left I'm waiting on more goods to arrive. My appetite has gone to shit though I may cut off the tren to see if it's the problem.

I have lots of good cycle ideas, will share them with you anytime

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Wow shoulders are popping looking awesome brother.

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and motivation to keep getting better

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Looking sharp brother

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Top shape as usual my man.

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Solid and looking great brother

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Looking good brother

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God damn I want those delts

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Looking like "The Iron Bull" Jimmy P

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"I eat 300lb bodybuilders for breakfast! "

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Hell yeah Good

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Bowling ball delts.

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