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@233lbs 6"8. Have been cutting /recomp snice last summer was 275 lost a good bit of fat. My goal was to get to 12% body fat. But I don't have the discipline to diet hard enough to get there. Can't go more 6 days eating strict and in a deficit without raping a box of cereal. Gonna say fuck it and start bulking next month. 4500 calories clean here I come. Whooo!!!

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6'8" and still look big

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Still? The dude is a fucking tower.
That's gotta be a tough frame to fill, looking forward to seeing the bulk progression you have Jack

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He's as tall as Tyson Fury

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With a much better physique

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You da man bro. Got your mojo in the cauldron as we speak. Thnx for the kind words Gentleman. It feels like it's coming down from on high. Things r rolling at fluffy 250lbs this morning letting the estro ride high this one.

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I can see the countless hours in the gym and in the kitchen. Looking great bro.

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Looking nice and tight !

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bro you look amazing!

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Thnx Gentlemen I appreciate it.

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You should be good on a clean bulk at your current bf. You'll grow into it

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