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Crazy doser is fast


2 day t/a got some Balkan proviron and two sp supertren. Can’t wait to start my cycle Monday

Ordered from:
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Can vouch for the Proviron. Running it 25 mg 2x ed and it’s random bonerific!

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Bigtone is a big fan of this SP super tren LOL!

Damn bro have a good run take it easy watch your Carbs I would
Cut them before bed time it will help with the night sweats this tren looks...
Very powerful from what I’ve seen I’ve ran Tren H at 200-300 mg a week is all I can tolerate this is a strong compound and to be taken very seriously
What is your cycle protocol looks like How much Test a/week and proviron a/day you will run ?

I’ve had 4 orders from crazy doser Great shop
Pharmaceutical gear fast Best TA in the biz

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Friend request sent bro

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Never used him, but I've heard very good things.

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I have. Fastest delivery by far. Almost next day sometimes

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I gotta say, it's his availability of non bodybuilding inventory that keeps me going back to his site. Guy offers a lot of options. Crazy Eddie of Eroids. And I say this with absolutely zero disrespect, sources like this are important. I should order a few things, give him a shot, I dunno. Does he have Creed Aventus? I'm a colonge junkie, but I'm hesitant about spending $400 on Eau de parfum. I got off track, he's been around a while, and senior members here say this is a go to guy. Nice score bro!

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CD is one of my go to sources bro. Currently running a cycle and everything for it I ordered from CD. Never seen CD run a promo but I know CD has been here for years. Solid source imo

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Yes Doser is very fast to deliver the finest of products out there. That Supertren by SP wont dissapoint.
Bigtone36 speaks very highly of it. Good luck with your cycle.