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+ 2 Couple weeks into Andromix


Here I am on cutting for summer dieting hard and assisted by Andromix , clen , t3 , mast , armidex and proviron !

And loving it , not one single side effect !

Weighing in at 12.2 stone I think that's like 170ish ?
Height 5,7
Bodyfat ? No idea any one care too guess ?

No goal in terms of weight just how i look counts not the scales ! I've been fat n bulky n hated it lean is the way too be !

added photo of what i onece was over a year ago...

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BF around 9%,10% I'd say, great job brother

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Definitely man, looking good. Keep up the hard work, its paying off. +1

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Ur doing something right. Good work my man looking good.

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