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+ 2 Canada peptides &ZPHC by BestGear


Ok gentlemen’s I’m very impressed with this brand in all
The 10 years of gear this Canada peptide is hecka of impressive the holograms wait until you see the packaging that’s some quality process the design is slick each Box has the scratch codes verification against the counter fits
The oils look smooth you see the quality right there package was great except a little hiccup with Btc transaction from sending it the time for processing..nothing on his end that was figured out in a day or so all went well 2.5 weeks intl, in my hands after payment. Great fast communication with BestGear!
This is a great lab been looking forward to try them after researching and seeing the HPLC Testing all is on point another pharma brand that I’m going to enjoy that run pack my 5 meals
A day U Gota have those little vitamin C peepers in the plan
Damn ,those vials are beautiful it’s one of those telling myself I should’ve pick more gear I actually enjoyed dealing with
bestGear with this transaction got 6 NPP and 6 Test E a couple TBol ZPHC packs To try them out same here the Boxes are High end very detailed and packed nicely .3 HCG Canada peptides juts to have on hand in the fridge as you never know when she tells you Honey I want a big load tonight LOL

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Hey pounds I was just scrolling trying to figure out this new update and saw your comment never got notification. By email mm?

Yes the Canada peptide is really good the HPLC 100 % and the vials I got are actually from that batch I’ve seen
I’ve ran many good pharma brands this one is my new list I ran another brand prior and wasn’t impressed with the end results a compound Primo I’m very familiar with and had to run it Double this time.. other place good SR but brand I got so so ,but anyways . this time I did juts a tad more research and wow it was worth it . The boxes and vials are really Quality with all the verification he is a solid source to talk to replies fast and cool person .others that answer after weeks don’t even bother with them for me it’s better as I waive them aside before waisting my time . You learn as you go.
With BestGear i would place another order with ease and a source like this I actually enjoy spending my money with
You nail it right on with the Tbol to be right were Balkan is
The ZPHC is also another high quality brand and the facts can back this claim starting from their factory process
I had those Balkan Tbol about 10
Years ago ! Long memory !!lol insane pumps and strength took it with Parabolan all i could tolerate it 3 Amps that was well enough for me … and Prop 300mg a week,both Balkan now for mass all,you really need is 500-600 MG test a week and possibly 200 mg NPP for joint purposes or 500 -700 mg NPP for cycle if that’s the route every one has different goals, I like to keep it simple not to mix 5-6 compounds so you know what works I’ll see how it goes might hit the NPP at 700mg down the road will pull another trigger down
The road that Damn bitcoin is stuck at rock bottom
Tbol is a very easy oral I agree !
I juts hit a first injection today these oil are Great !
Juts starting at 300 mg test E a week / 200
Mg NPP to see how it goes and will up next week ish..

And you know what!! the Caps the Caps they are not the Rubber cheap ones lol !! They are silicone caps hahaha silicone!!!
Best Efin thing it’s been a while since I cross those Caps screaming across the house yeahhhh mother ff*******
My wife came by she like mmm Dady i clearly know it’s not your first time I’m like no the Caps I freaking love those lol !! The caps are Silicone haha it’s the little things in life.

The ones that knows the difference will appreciate it
Just can wait to stock on more pricing is good and with the discount he runs here and there, can’t beat that
Be safe bro.

the gun violence is insane lately i saw the news shooting in that house party sad reality now &then never changed or changes.. feels like the more the years go by the more value for a life of another is diminishing to nothing.
One day at a time in this materialistic world

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For sure man they stepped up the game I would order the primo but to at 100mg it’s allot of oil in the barrel I’ve seen other primo with 200mg personally never seen that higher concentration ,but it might work you can shoot mon/ Thursday 2cc each and 800 mg a week
I would put that Dhb aside based on the goal you have
And go with the primo as you have it sitting ,primo is a compound that you have to up your protein intake a day to about at least 275 grams of protein you can add shakes to it even iso I juts mix it with water and ice to supplement your Daily protein goal ,I would run 75-100 mg of NPP x3 a week a couple hours before your workout that’s plenty & the pump is insane .you don’t want to run it higher as you might miss the lean results of primo. I’ve ran DHB before it was ok but nothing like primo good compound had a bite to it needed a higher volume a week around I’ve tried it .
Those rimos are good should be no doubt you know where to purchase and I’m sure you did good on them.
I would go 3x a week 2 Amps each time lower tte frequency volume of injection no one wants to stand there like a horse and inject every day lol.
That’s 600 mg primo a week and that’s a very good amount to see results again talking about those Amps you can go x5 but I would keep it at x6 amps keep lit
Easy and identical . By the way that Canada peptide primo you can’t go wrong the NPP is really good and the test E300mg is by far one of the best I’ve had in years . So I know that primo line is insane you got me pumped primo is my jam and yes I agree when people
See the test results it drives more business and orders to them. After discovering NPP the days of deçà are over for me it’s a faster compound and kicks in way faster like I go now about 100 mg x3 a week I felt tte pump that first injection did back rows and hammers curls with 60 pounds each arm free weight the pump was insane so I def like this compound comparing to deçà . It’s night and day mind you I’ve ran deçà before for winter bulk probably more that years and before I’ve gone up to 750-850 mg a week Heck of a builder! got to run it for 12 weeks and eat very clean no midnight ice cream mistakes if u want to keep the visible abs somewhat.. going back to the NPP easier faster and no blood pressure and you can keep it clean, with it still need to watch the excess carbs especially at night. and the sugars that damn thing is every where in this country it’s like a government strain that penetrates each food and gets to your plate that’s why I meal prep
The parabolan i would run it after 8 weeks that you started your cycle . After all remember the goal you want to loose body fat get in shape and start that route personally the parabolan yes it’s the best tren out there when comparing the side effets but,it’s still tren it migh slow you down as it hits the cardio vascular I’m sure you know that , and that’s why I would get IN shape first hit the NPP and primo and once you are in shape you feel good hit the cardio every day get your self ready then at the end you could hit it even for 4 weeks it will shine and you will see results.mind you it’s a harsh compound you have to be ready the main thing is mentally yes,even the parabolan will hit you in that cardio side I’ve done it before and Had that Balkan loved those man was around Summer 2012 man what a solid cycle .. also , x3 Amps a week was all I could tolerate my cardio went down juts a little but you def feel it!
So that’s my strategy with it .the bronkaid Helps allot even 1/2 pill a day with the cardio vascular Buy it have a box it will help!
I’ve done different protocols and we all take risk with all the mistakes that arise with .
Talk to me I’m here to help in any way I can

Yes the shootings are insane America’s is like divided into 1,000 look up Seattle & Portland look the Jason Rants Show see his show people needs to see this it will put you in reality what this county has become .. it’s insane also the amount of homeless there off the charts all destroyed by the opioid crisis juts fucking sad because you had people there that had jobs once and a life ,look at California the state of pelosi Old Skank she has more luck than Brains,she’s been there the past 30 years done nothing all corruption! they have homeless tents all over my cousin lives in San Fran and I see what nasty it has become crime is also up all around the state by 500% Homicides by 128% juts try to think about that . Def pack a gun protect yourself
You can stop to get gas at the gas station and get hijacked you juts never know
Fr accepted let me know when you start you cycle
have a great week !

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Hella scored

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It’s on Rusty juts need some of that ZPHC tren !lol

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Haha...its hot sauce for sure

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Haha! for sure it looks like with that nice amber color y’a better pack on that spicy sauce on the egg whites LOL ! Be safe bro

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Thanks fo so detailed photos mate
Yea this batch of new canada peptides is fire)

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This lab is looking Hot I’m fired up
Thanks for the Fast service and quality gear !
Placing another1