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Hello the Products i use are all straight from Driada

The Costumerservice can be reached very quickly and they are any time Very frendly even with problems. The payment is very easy i payd with Btc (10%discount) but u can pay with other methodes too . the package always came to me on time and sometimes even faster than noted (side note the packaging looks awesome) everyone who knows driada knows that it's great and everyone who doesn't know it, I recommend trying it out.

a side note the packaging just looks awesome

So to my Stack (test e ,npp,primo,hgh,t3/t4)

Ed t3/t4 10mcg 62,5mcg

6ie hgh (2 shots i.m)

Eod 100mg npp

Thursday/sunday: 250mg test e 100mg primo

I want to grow muscle clean as possible i dosent like high wather retention.

U see is not a lot of gear 1050mg per week
with driada, what is written on it is in there.

The oils are very smooth i testet it on many spots (legs,butt,calves,tricep,lat)
Without any pip

At the first weeks i got a little bit probs with esd (no prola)so i taket the aromasin 12,5mg eod (driada)and the problems are solved after a week.

Hmm aa and i take ed 5mg of cialis(driada) for my blood pressure it was a research if it put the blood pressure down and it was succesfull i dosent have high blood pressure but is nice to know.

In a few weeks i replace the NPP with masteron

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fantastic physique... Its a new account, but it doesn't mean he don't have any anabolics experience. I mean obviously he does have plenty, plus he's probably self-righteous and therefore can run whatever he wants or inject wherever he decide. I saw the review he wrote and I believe that he really might be a customer of driada who were asked to share his experience by the team, which is not unusuall... Only mistake I see is not reading and understanding the forum rules completely, but honestly who did, as a newcomer? There goes + from me, to save his account and give him a chance to become a valuable forum member.

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No i dosent know the full rules and the ,,dark rules“ that what i see on many boards is that very much peoples are really toxic i never rate roid labs that i dosent know if there have many bad blood results/oils tests i dosent use them but i dosent now why i must talk bad about a lab that i dosent know i like to share what works for me or not thank u and have a nice day

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All new accounts....

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Hello, sir. As I said in one post, some of our clients have specially registered on Eroids to share their experience.
If you try our products and write your review, we will be very grateful to you! Have a nice day!

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You inject your calves and no PIP you say? Lucky you. Welcome to Eroids. It's not recommended to discuss use of taboo compounds like slin as it is very dangerous and there are new comers here who might get the wrong impression. You look good (no homo). Repping for a specific lab/company is also frowned upon. Good luck and maybe go over the site rules when you get a chance.

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Thank u

Uu i dosent know that but thanks for the information
Thats really special i like the clave spot --but i know for many peoples are that just terrible

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I did 1/2 cc in calf ONCE and it was an easy test C
Couldnt walk at all for 2 days. Crawled to the bathroom and called outta work

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The first 2 times it was the same but after a few weeks there goes away

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Wtf claves? His injection frequency is low I get test for pip but that’s a trip man lol. I think the lat should be sufficient enough. If something has pip your gonna feel it regardless wherever you inject…

This post is questionable for sure….

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I like to change the spots

Know the npp goes always in the tricep but things like vot b12/b6 or l carnitin i shot in the calves b6/b12 hurts forn1-2 hours bad

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Yeah not saying you don’t no you’re stuff especially if that’s you Sorry brotha a lot of fakes come on here trying to hype certain sources. Amazing physique btw