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  • PEZ   •   Wed, Nov 13th, '19 17:41   •   3 replies, 194 views

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I received this domestic DP Test E from BSO as part of a promo. As far as I know, he is offering the cheapest prices on domestic DP. I submitted the order on 10/27. The actual shipping time was 9 calendar days.


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  • BSOstore
  • 4 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing this. Good to know you're satisfied so far :) looking forward to the reivew.

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  • 1 month ago

Havent seen this site before. Gona have to look into it.

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New on this forum, new with this site, old cats in the alley. Have a look and feel welcome. Two type of domestic shipping lines. We just got started here and have a feeling this will be a good thing.