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+ 1 Bloods on test & hgh


Decided it was that time again to run bloods see where im at panel wise.

Cycle :
Test enan 500mg (generic asia) (pctshop)split sun & weds 12pm
Masteron enan 600 - 800mg (meta pharma) split sun & weds 12pm.
Winstrol 25mg daily (genshi lab) (pctshop) finished 6 weeks ago.
Hgh (grey tops 120iu) (toptopshop) 4ius daily AM.
Letrozole 1.25mg weekly (driada)

Bloods was taken mon morning 8am.

Still working on those negative areas but kind of already knew somewhat where panels was out of range with compounds used.

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You may be one of those people who need to run T4 alongside hgh.

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Im thinking that also as iv always taken alot of t3s on deep cutting cycles in past but never t4s.
Last few bloods its shown alittle out of range so im not too concerned about it but next bloods il pull while off hgh and see from whats the outcome and take from there.

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I'm still learning to read labs. I only see free test. Is there total test results somewhere that I overlooked?

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My bad i posted 1 page twice now you should see it.

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Your still running 500 test when you took this test?

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Correct yes split sun & weds bud.

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That's low 500 test.

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2800 is not bad. Going by the unofficial 5 times multiplier anything above 2500 while using 500mg test is decent.

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Fuck my bad I looked at free test by mistake

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Lol I figured as much. Its kinda confusing I don't understand why they didn't put free test and total test underneath eachother...

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Depends on user bud and how you respond to test, personaly i keep my estro low end so my numbers arent ever going to be near someone with higher estro levels.
My last bloods i was 375mg and got around 2000s with same estro.

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My bad I missed by looking at free test. Good numbers!!