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+ 10 bloods on my godtropin


2iu for 2 and 1/2 weeks with a baseline of 112. I switched over from another hgh recently and felt a huge boost from gods gh even though I use an anti aging dose. These results are very good so I will be picking up more kits asap. Ive bought 2 so far andt plan on bumpin up dose

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The testing on these looks great - my concern is the amount of powder in each vial.
Judging my the pics on their website it looks like a lot of powder for 12 ius.

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That's great news. Thanks plus

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This looks more accurate for a igf test w out a 10 iu spike pre test

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Real nice bro thanks for the bloods +1

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Wait a minute.....you posted on June 19 that your pack just landed......that was 4 days ago...

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Lol oh ok I'm like "Am I a moron?!?!". Cool thanks for the clarification. Numbers look great.

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That's a really nice result esp at 2iu per day.....thanks for taking the time to get this done!!

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Now don't go and buy all of em leave a couple for me!!! :-)

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Damn glad I'm running these!

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Nice thanks for posting!! +1

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Damn idk if I've ever seen numbers that high on 2ius. I'm running these also really enjoying them

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Thanks for sharing. +3

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