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My blood work from using ment and tren ace every other day. Sust and test e once a week. Went to my doctor for a yearly checkup. I already new the gear was good by the change in my body and strength. Just thought i would share.

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What doses are you running?

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1cc ment 1cc tren A every other day. 3cc sust
2cc test e once week

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Those are some good numbers

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HOW IS THE MENT!?!?!? I wanna get some from them. I am running their superdrol right now and its AMAZING

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It my first time using it. I don't know how to compare it. Sorry i couldn't be more help. Everything i have used is real smooth. I ran AD 50 before all this and it was amazing. I got pumps out of this world and crazy strong. Alphawolf gear has been above my expectations! I have been around the block a few times and done my far share of crappie gear. So far this guys gear as been above average.

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