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  • CPremier   •   Sat, Nov 7th, '20 16:46   •   1 reply, 164 views

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Just received today from OSGear. After reading some positive reviews I decided to give Bioteq Labs a shot. Items ordered and received are as follows. 10 mg Dianabol tabs, 10 mg Winstrol tabs, Test Enanthate 300, and Tren E 250. Everything looks good and the packaging is phenomenal! I will come back and give an update about halfway through my cycle that I am starting on the 15th of November.


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  • brujah123
  • 3 weeks ago

The packaging does indeed look quite neat; however, in my opinion it's always questionable when a lab either isn't able or not willing to even invest a minute to spell-check the labels used (rf. "TREN ENATHATE"). Anyhow, enjoy your cycle!