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  • Edit Bayer Proviron 25mg how to know if it’s Real or Fake

  • Tradenet777   •   Sun, Feb 3rd, '19 19:12   •   5 replies, 983 views

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Just got them from reputable web site but not sure if’s real
Is bayer proviron Counterfeit a lot?


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  • killroy
  • 1 year ago

I chew mine... although it may be just the filler I’m tasting ... real pharma proviron (for me) has this distinct taste I’m familiar with ... it has a subtle sweetness to it, without bitterness.

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  • Pcushion
  • 1 year ago

you already bought them it’s a little late to worry about that now. Take them and see how you like them. I don’t have a lot of hands on experience with proviron and bc of this I am currently playing with some at the moment myself. I like hands on knowledge. From what I have read it’s not really and aesthetic drug but more of a complimentary drug. It lowers SHBG, increases sex drive, helps control estrogen etc. At higher doses I bet it can provide some aesthetic effects especially combined with other dht derived products but it appears it wasn’t designed for aesthetic purpose.

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  • stairmaster
  • 1 year ago

The price is below $2 and they're easy to get so I don't think they are fakes. Till now I've seen only Turkish Proviron fakes.

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  • Gettingbig
  • 1 year ago

I order those and ive never got fake proviron.
I even had Bayer verify my amps once there legitimate

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  • jp82088
  • 1 year ago

Those are 100% real sold in Pakistan market. Nothing to worry about there.