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sus 325 and dbol

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sa sa sweet!!!

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good stuff

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thank you. this is my first experience with axio but i have heard many great things about them so i was willing to give them a shot

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this was my exact first cycle!! gained 45 pounds only kept around 20-25 of it though i was off on my pct.. i love axio glade there back.. good luck bro!!

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not sure about that seems kinda odd to me. I mite inquire about that just to be safe.

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ahh right, I receieved mine today and it looks like tbol, which is what I ordered, but came in a dbol package

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tbol is almost white nothing like the pic at regenerxxl, if yours is pink it must be dbol

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its kinda odd to be honest its a very pink from a distance away but when you look closely its got like a orange pink shiny coating on it. not like other dbols i have seen but looks just like the one on the axio web site

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Looks yummy.

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Hey man, what colour is your dbol? is it a dark pink or a light pinky orange?

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just pinned the sus was good smooth tomorrow will be the test we will see if it causes any pain at all. all other sus products have not bothered me but I have hered the more thats packed into each Milliliter the more painful the pin will be only time will tell.

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