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Ashop TD


2- Cut stack( SP Labs)
2- Sustanon (SP Labs)
1- Test Prop( SP Labs)
1- Oral Tren 20 tabs ( SP Labs)

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Very good lab bro
Ashop is my go to
Prices did go slightly up but the customer service is still top quality

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Love Ashop and SP
that cut stack looks so good

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Going to be running that real soon. I'll provide updates!

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Nice order.Be careful with that oral tren bro. One way to say bye bye to your liver

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Appreciate that bro! Yea oral tren is a nasty fucker. I will be using it sparingly, if I even use it this time around.

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Man I love sp got to get more soon, beautiful order bro.

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Me too brother!! Appreciate the comment.