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Been off for 6 months so I made a small order to get me started. Getting ready to make a bigger order.

I have been using arni since days of underoos. Its always smooth. Fastest delivery imaginable. Little to no PIP. I'm not gay but arni is definitely making me question myself.

If you're not using gear - what are you really doing with your life. Come to Jesus guys!

Thanks Arni!

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Pop the top and let us know

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On it

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I miss the days of ordering one bottle thinking it was enough, just to find out I was no where near ready to stop those gains, LOL. The good ole days

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Lol one bottle is definitely not enough. This is just to get started for a few weeks while I get more money coming in. Just coming off a run of bad luck!

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I miss the old days over ordering 30 bottles at a time
Now im chicken shit to order more than say 5 bottles at a time in case i get caught lol

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Big facts

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Same.....or burned on the initial order.