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This was my labs from my annual physical. I was on RP4U Sustanon @ 125mg/wk, Tren E @ 300mg/wk, and GBI Mast P @ 300mg/wk. My only issue was that I stopped the Sustanon a little over 3 weeks before my bloods, and started back on my TRT dose of 50mg/day of testim gel, but I still maxed out on the total testosterone. And I'm sure it was well over that. And as anyone can see my liver enzymes were slightly elevated as was my kidney function, which I contribute to the Tren E. My cholesterol total was good, but hdl was low and ldl was high. I have labs in 8 weeks to allow everything to clear except my TRT dose. I really thought 3 weeks was long enough for the Sustanon to clear and my levels to return to normal TRT dose. I know the Tren E was legit, but I really want to test the mast p to make sure it wasn't Test Prop.

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