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+ 23 AngTropin GH Serum/IGF1




Batch No: 20140301
Mfg. Date: 20140306
Exp. Date: 201602



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Omg thanks razor for these tests I got about 27 kits of these at the moment booooo yea

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This is what happens on serostim at 9iu/day consistently after awhile (1,500 igf)

Thanks Hail for posting this. Great #'s for 6iu/d. Exactly what I was hoping for!!!

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100iu kit (yellow top) I updated the pic

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I would hope they are both the same but that's a good ?.

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So the second test is roughly 10 days or so of in 6 iu per day injects? Those are damn good #s.

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Second blood draw was on the 8th morning after doing 6ius

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Doctors can't simply test for the level of growth hormone (GH) in your body because the level varies so much in one day—even in someone without acromegaly. That means that a doctor could randomly test for GH and get a normal level in a person with acromegaly. However, because of GH fluctuations, the doctor could also test GH levels in someone without acromegaly and get a level far above normal.

Therefore, doctors rely on IGF-1

Even with the 10iu IM 3.5 Hr "protocol" we still see a variation in GH Serums results

When you inject an entire vial and time the blood draw at the known "peak", GH Serum will be elevated (if it's a GH Protein) The "number" doesn't determine potency, quality, etc

I did not fast or time the blood draw for the results posted

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The therapeutic effects of GH are mediated by IGF1.

GH Serum results cannot determine the quality or potency of HGH. This is a common misconception often mentioned on bodybuilding forums.

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This is exactly why IGF1 test(s) is the better test. This source (not a source here) is promoting GH Serum Testing VS IGF1 because of diminishing IGF1

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Therapeutic Protein Immunogenicity (192aa, low purity generic, etc)

Most just do a one-time testing protocol (GH/IGF1)

And if someone posts a low IGF1 from running several kits of a certain brand....bad batch is always the answer....but actually it's probably the same batch...Therapeutic Protein Immunogenicity

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IGF1 can be elevated just like GH Serum (within 3 hrs)

Still waiting on the last IGF1 result for ANG

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Hr fr sent

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Damn HR your testing budget must be pretty high
+3. ;)

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High like my IGF1

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I'll be doing an igf test after 2 kits per month.

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I have 6 kits of these on the way and once I save up enough im stocking up! lol thank you for this test! Ive been on angtropins for a week and loving them.

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Wow just ordered a kit to try, source said 30 plus on the serum, however 3 sub q and it jumps to 540 on IGF. Damn.

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Thank you for your time HR as i have some on the way.

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I will also be pulling IGF on these.

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I've been preaching these cents day one! Thanks hell razor! And this is 540 with out a 10 Iu spike damb

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This correlates pretty close to the levels you would get on peptides. Basskiller did a great write up on HGH vs CJC-1295 and GHRP-6. He compared 2 studies one done on healthy young men given Novo Nordisk HGH at doses of roughly 5iu,10iu, and 20iu. The 2nd study was Prolonged use of CJC-1295 in healthy adults. The main points are:

1.The GH study resulted in dose respected peaks of 55.4; 93.8; 180 ng/ml
The CJC-1295 study resulted in dose respected peaks of serum HGH** 6.6; 9.6; 9.9; 13.3 ng/ml**

Total GH Release:
When GH was administered at 5iu, 10iu & 20iu the total GH levels (area under the curve (AUC)) were respectively:
AUC: 311.5; 836.9; 1778.5 ng/ml per 24 hours
When CJC-1295 was administered at 30mcg/kg; 60mcg/kg; 125mcg/kg and 250mcg/kg the total GH levels (area under the curve (AUC)) were respectively:
AUC: 758; 969; 977; 1370 ng/ml per hourBoth the GH & CJC-1295 studies demonstrated a dose dependent increase in elevated IGF-1 levels. The highest GH dose of 20iu resulted in a similar IGF-1 level as the highest CJC-1295 dose. The lowest GH dose of 5iu resulted in an IGF-1 level not much different then the lowest CJC-1295 dose.

This is why we test HGH serum. To rule out peptides which will have a lower hgh serum number.





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Is there any blood work posted on eroids using those two peptides combined? I remember one member posting blood work that elevated both GH/IGF1 serum. I thought it was Frag 176-191. I could be wrong, I don't pay attention to the peps. I haven't seen consistent positive blood work with the research peps.


CJC-1295 elevates IGF-1 within the first day or two where it stays elevated for seven days
GH elevates IGF-1 levels immediately where it stays elevated throughout the day

Example of immediate IGF1 elevation (Apprx doubled IGF1 after only 2 Hours with a 6iu inject, SubQ) Not a Peptide according to BassKiller


Example of a Peptide (GHRP possibly):


My IGF1 seemed to decline slower than normal. Can't confirm it though. Not really sure what was being injected. :(

A Top Source here posted 10 HGH test results (MALDI-TOF MS) The link is gone unfortunately. (Blue Tops, Green Tops, etc)
All ten samples tested as a GH Protein

Several were of quality Somatropin
Several were low grade Somatropin (MW higher than 22k, other proteins, impurities)

3 out of the 10 Samples were 176aa GH (Not Somatropin 191aa)
Injecting an entire vial of GH 176aa would elevate GH Serum I assume
Not sure how 176aa effects IGF1

None of the samples contained (GHRP) Peptides or a Peptide Combo

It seems recently, sources and members were analyzing (promoting) GH Serum numbers as:
"Great Numbers"
"As good as Pharma"
"These are Strong"
Higher numbers showing potency and quality......which is incorrect

I agree with you that a one time GH Serum or IGF1 test isn't the best way to determine potency or quality of the GH being Tested.

As you know, I'll be posting up the Lab Result for the AngTropin
The Lab did confirm it to be HGH and not a (GHRP) Peptide

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The problem I have with some "generics" is that they raise IGF-1 but not HGH serum to supraphysiological levels. After all you need elevated serum levels that then are converted to IGF-1in the body. We know from Pharma tests that serum numbers elevate to supra physiological levels. Why do some generics have low serum numbers yet very high IGF-1 numbers. That is the mystery.

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The GH/IGF1 Serum results are from the 6iu Dosage
I didn't do the 10IU IM 3.5 hr (peak) to get these results

Maybe the slightly elevated GH Serum number indicates the GH that hasn't been "processed" into IGF1?
My GH serum is elevated compared to my GH Serum without Exo-GH.

Exo-GH (short half - life)
GH Serum levels vary (unstable)

The metabolic activity of GH will outlast the actual GH levels in the body

Isn't IGF1 the better indicator?

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So then someone should test fda grade gh and see what the serum level is ?

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Lab emailed:

Just wanted to let you know, both of the initial samples exhibit the
correct intact mass and the correct amino acid sequence. Both also are
highly pure.

I'm the biggest "Hater" of "Generics". I'll be the first to admit it. But, seems there's some quality GH around. I'm just being proactive and posting info.

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I'm saying this " If pharma HGH elevates HGH serum to high levels at 5 iu along with IGF-1 why doesn't non-pharma HGH do the same thing? What is different?

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respected peak of 55.4 ng/mL

This was stated to be at 5IUs

I see what you mean now MT (I didn't realize you were referring to the study)

These results are from controlled studies. I honestly couldn't see injecting 5IUs of Nova Nordisk then heading to LabCorp for a blood draw and getting the 55.4 ng/mL results....maybe.....I don't recall seeing blood results like this (55.4 ng/mL) posted here from only 5IUs (LabCorp)

I've personally injected 10-15ius and got GH Serum results ranging from 8-30 ng/mL with legit GH. Some of the controlled studies suppress endo-GH, maybe the GH was admin. through IV in the study you posted

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That was after 1 injection. There was nothing given to suppress natural HGH production. Blood samples were collected at 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,9,12 and 24hr mark. GH was not admin. through IV.

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I do see what you mean

My 9.0 ng/mL was from approx 2 hrs after 6iu SubQ inject

But, with the Geno/Omnitrope test, the GH Serum wasn't used in the conclusion for Bioequivalence (IGF1, IGFBP3, N)

55.4 ng/mL seems high for 5ius SubQ (looks like it was the highest result out of all the test subjects)

There's a wide variation when it comes to GH Serum according to these graphs. Similar to GFits results on his thread that you posted.

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It was actually the average of all 15 test subjects who were 20-27 yrs old. They scored from 38-82 ng/ml from 1 injection.

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Gotcha. The Omni/Geno did the same (average of 30+ subjects)
The Omni/Geno test was the controlled study I mentioned (fasting, suppressed endo-gh, etc)

I honestly haven't seen blood results like both graphs show posted here on eroids. Not exact anyway. Not sure if anyone has done a 5iu using a "Pharma" product.

I see what you're saying. What I'm doing with the IGF1 (elevating it in 24-48 hrs) is based on the Geno/Omni study. I had no idea IGF1 would elevate like that until I read that study (Treadintren (MOD) also mentioned it to me)

Maybe I'll do a 5IU SubQ (Pharma)
I think the Pharma GH Serums posted (10iu IM 3.5 Hrs) here seemed to average lower than the "generics" . Maybe I'm mistaken or maybe some testing posted is not always honest. The GH Serums just seem to be "all over the place" compared to IGF1 from what I can see. (Both Generic and Pharma)

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This is the closest one I've seen posted.

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Thanks S.

That was with 10iu IM

What MegaT posted is 5ius SubQ (30-80)

I think it has to do with our testing method VS a clinical study (controlled testing)

But that's MegaT's expertise....I'm just guessin

I'll be posting another IGF1/GH Serum (Ang) on Monday...at this point the sides are un-frikkn-bearable! Smile