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AI pharma things from 24hreup


Ordered Arimidex and Caber for a cycle with Test and NPP. Very excited to start. Thanks for the products and TA was amazing. 2 days at door from shipping!!

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Very nice thank you for your trust and support !

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Nice haul bro !!

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have you taken caber before? what are you supposed to feel when taking caber? Im on tren cycle right now and taking 2x0.5mg weekly, Im getting man boobs slowly from tren

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U either got an estrogen problem or a prolactin issue, u should get blood work done and check ur estrogen and prolactin if ur not lactating it's prob an estrogen problem

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When using tren and NPP I always use Arimidex 1mg EOD to prevent gyno, I used caber before 0,25mg 3x a week, but it was UGL and I thought it didn't work.

Now I want to try 0,5mg 3 times a week and see. I use it to lower prolactin because when using tren and NPP after a while my nipples start to hurt and lactate.