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+ 8 After summer cycle on 87 promo Test e, Deca,Dball


After 87 promo 57 years old. Trying to still hang with you young guns. Thanks Pure Anabolics and 87 for the great gear always!

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Looking nice and solid Good

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57 wow, another killer grandpa you don't want to mess with! Look amazing man B-)

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I don't think so I will reach this age 57 but if I did, I wish to have same physical shape, great passion you have .

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Looking like Eminem grabbing your nuts lol. 57yrs old. Keep at it buddy, good job.

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Haha I thought the same thing but just trying to get a little more quads in the pic.

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Thanks for the encouragement brothers.we lift because we love it. Stay strong and healthy friends

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Looking like a Greco Roman champion

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Leading the way sir bigdawg!