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+ 19 A little pump


DC cut mix 1ml e.o.d.
Primo 200 1ml e.o.d.
Test prop 1.5 ml e.o.d

Usdomship-hgh angtropin 6 i.u. daily
50mg winstol
Leaning out daily
Weight 231 lbs

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Great work!

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Little pump my ass!! Truly massive side chest

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BigTone with the big guns! Glad to see you doing well bro. Looking great, those Angs are fantastic! Stay at it+1

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Somebody been working hard as a MOFO...getting shit done right!

I got my eyes on you and a few others.

Great work.

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Appreciate you my guy. Gotta try to keep up with you

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Amazing build my friend hope u had a great new year appreciate all ur help.

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Thanks bro, always here for the brothers!. Happy new year to you. I just trained and kicked it on the couch eating food for new years eve

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Great work! Good

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More to do

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Looking great brother!!! I wanna personally thank you for a lot of the knowledge you share on here. Always great information.

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Appreciate that brother, thank you

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Big as hell boss! Bet I could set a Diet Coke can on the “shelf” of your upper pec hahaha. +1

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Incline, incline, and more incline! I want to sit a fkn 2 litre on in

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Thanks! Not thick enough. More work to do.

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I don't have "great" genetics, I do the best with what I got a train my fkn ass off. Everyone thinks they train hard till they come across someone who really does, and not once in awhile but every training session no matter what, then they realize they aren't training hard. A guy in the gym had a coach prepping him a d wasn't happy at all, he fired him and I welcomed him as my training partner. He came in 20lbs heavier, went from 4.7bf last show to 3.5% 20lbs more muscle. All he did is train with me, used the compounds and dosages I recommend. And did it in 12 weeks

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Hell yea. As long as your eating and recovering, you can put you body thru it. Training high intensity you can only train a hr or so. You'll have nothing left

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Basic breakdown
Day 1-Chest and bicep
Day2- back and rear delts
Day 3- calves and hamstrings
Day 4 - off
Day 5 - shoulders and triceps
Day 6- calves and quads
Day 7- off
4-5 exercises 3-4 sets (last set usually drop set) or other advanced technique
8-12 reps to failure

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thanks for share! looking good

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Looking swole bro. Is the wedding ring rubber? I’ve seen them and wondered if they were any good

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Silicone, I get it from safe ring. I don't want to bend up my gold and diamond joint. I wear this working and training.

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Cheers big man.

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Thanks brother

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Nice side chest shot! Freaky ass delt heads!! I cannot wait to begin Hgh, one day!

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GH Yes 6 i.u. that pic after 2 kits of angtropin, just got another. Trying to get there bro.not so easy

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Lol thanks man. Yea I started to see more physical changes after 2 kits that why I got more. Trying to stay on 6 months

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Nice been working hard bro for sure. And that gym is gonna be packed after January 1st lol I hate the news years resolutions crowd!!

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They about 3 months, then they ask me how long you been training, what I gotta do to look like that? My response is simple, train 18 years, eat 6 times a day, take creatine and do the same thing year in year out

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Thanks brother, I hate that shit too. It's funny it's been dead all week, even the regulars haven't been there. Lazy fks! Lol. Now for the next 3-4 months it's going to be filled with fkn newbs