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Dos always taking care of his customers.
Place an order before this with regular mail and it took forever, tracking wasn't updating and when it did, it was in custom possession. So I thought I lost that order. Then I would have to wait longer and get it reship. So I asked him if I order the 5 Genotropin which come with free express shipping can he add the other items to it. I needed the Humalog, I was short and I didn't want to run out. He told me he will take care of me and he did. Express shipping come in 5 days and my other order through regular pass custom and arrived 3-4 weeks after order was placed. I'm just happy I got all my stuff. And huge thank you to Dos making it easy for me and always taking care of me.

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Express shipping is the way to go.

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You're welcome bro

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Very nice Smile