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Meant to post this from my off season earlier this year. 87s Anadrol, Deca, Test really create the holy trinity for me in terms of maximizing the benefits from my diet and work ethic. Had no side effects really and took a pretty good liver and kidney supp to lessen any potential organ harm. Skin wasn't oily either. I will say normally I don't doo UGL for orals, especially when I'm in prep, but 87 has been a pretty reliable source for me throughout the years and my hepatic/blood panels always come back great.

Joints felt like cushion squatting nearly 625 by 5 reps when i was on this cycle.

Basically, thank you 87 for another great off season. Your prices cannot be beat.

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87's Testosterone is BY FAR the absolute BEST ug Testosterone made. It cannot be beat!!!

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You're rocking it! Nice work! Good

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Thank you man. Seriously.

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Crazy nice physique, super round muscle bellies.

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shhh them legs are nothing but perfect! I'm also about to give this source an eye, you got me with no side effect and clean skin.

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Make sure you take your ancillaries as well my guy, but yeah I've been with 87 for a while.

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I do take some, but are there any specificaly, that you consider crucial?

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That's dependent on what your body responds best to. For me, aromasin works better than arimidex. I found this out when I got bloods done... Also had a some edema going on. High E2 will do that to you.

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Aight that was a misunderstanding from me, when talking about ancilaries, supplements for high BP or digestive tract help came to my mind, whilist you were talking about the Ai, prolactin control drugs etc., got it now. I think I've found my sweet spot with Anastrozole already. I only use Aromasin by fits and starts, when in need to lower the estro off cycle.

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Killing it!


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Magazine worthy. Great work

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Thanks brother

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Damn dude you're looking great.

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Now that’s the best branding promotion any source could dream of. You’ve got some busy days ahead of you, Bro. Well deserved.

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Thank you. 87 has been a reliable source for YEARS.

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Yeah, I love his gear!

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Great squatting there buddy! I am guessing by the size of everything up top you have a great bench too?!

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You already know.

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Rock hard!!

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Look amazing bro respect ,what took for pretty good liver and kidney supp to lessen any potential organ harm?

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It's revive. Cbum promotes the hell out of it. Make sure you take it for a couple of months. Do some bloods and you'll see

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Probably something like Revive Kidney capsules etc.

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Exactly --