+ 1 400mgTestc/600mgEQ


Im happy with my shoulder and tricep development but my biceps are lagging for sure. Which is crazy because years ago they used to be my strong point. What the fck happened....I do not know.

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Looking solid!

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Thanks bro bro

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Dabm those delts are made for pinning. Nice job

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Thanks....I think?...lol

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I like your test to eq ratio. And its easy to get sidetracked and gain one area...lil loss on others.

Edit--saw your comment and still bumped karma. My old ass HAS pix posted. Still a 200lb midget and only 20lbs solid light since gyms all closed. I guess 217 normal at 5-4 is pussy stule but hey....im fkn old. Lol

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lol...my man, appreciate that. But hey bro I had to say something to you after that sissy comment ya know? Appreciate that u still bumped me tho, good looks homie! ~truce~

And yeh, I know people say to run test higher with EQ and I know it makes sense to but I like to keep my test lower because of the sides I get from it.....the ratio does fck with my libido a bit but that's a good thing cuz I'm a horny fck.

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Eq is a mild ai at conversion so you can manipulate things. Ive run it any which way you can think...fun times

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U have probably focused on other things that needed help and now they require some attention.. Not bad, solid grains in shoulder.. Just some advice, too many unwarranted selfish shots can attract negative attention... stay strong bro

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I gotcha, Thanks for the advice.