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+ 1 3rd order from Driadashop


So happy I came across Driada. This is my 3rd order and it includes:
- 10x Deca
- 10x EQ
- 8x MT 2
- 3x Tren E
- 1x Superdrol
- 1x YK-11
- 1x T3

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Looks good. Made alread also 3 Orders, with all of them very happy, will do now the 4th order but waiting Tuesday to get another 7% discount :)))

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Sometimes, as an add-on. I haven't tried the YK-11 from Driada yet but I used it a couple of years ago from a different shop and it felt almost like winstrol. I got very dry and vascular

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Looks nice. Like how this lab also offers ampules, they unfortunately are limited to shipments reaching my side of the pond. Hopefully that changes soon.

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Yeah they are very professional. Even their blisters are printed