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+ 6 3 Month Gains


Now I just want to say I’m not a pro, I don’t fully understand the doses and what the best cycles are etc, I just like to follow good solid advise and I’m always willing to learn. So this is me, shirt on and shirt off.

I’ve been running
Gentech/Cenzo Primo 100mg every other day
Cenzo Sustanon 250mg every over day
Gentech Alphalone 50mg every other day
Cenzo Anavar 50mg every day
And HGh 100iu kit (brought through roidwarehouse) at 5iu per day.
Gentech Aromasin 12.5mg from month 3 until now (I’ve been off cycle for 4 weeks).

Now with regards to what I’m currently sat at is 109kg, 6”3 tall and I don’t really eat that strictly. I did on cycle but not now I’m on my “off phase”.

Roidwarehouse’ GC (not sure if he’s the owner or a rep) has been awesome in helping me look like this and setting out a diet plan.
What I would like to ask the more experienced steroid users is how, on my next cycle (when I’ve recovered from this one)., can I look more vascular? I get a few veins coming through but I would like, if possible a lot more. What would someone’s advise be for a lean cycle, maybe to add another 2-3kg of absolutely lean muscle and look drier?
Any advise and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Eroiders.

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Coming from an eroids legend, thank you sir, that means a hella lot coming from you.

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Nive work ! +

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Thanks bundlz

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Looking great with that big arms and boulder shoulders. We're both about same weight and height, I suppose, so you will be valuable comparsion sample for me :). + I'm always happy to see tattooed guys!

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Thank you man I appreciate the comment. My shoulders have always been my dominant area so I’m pretty cool with that. Any tats yourself bro?

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Yes, I have one leg tattoed, side of the belly, chest and half of arm as well. I also have my back and sides of neck planned :)) In my oppinion tattoos goes great with muscles.

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What Makwa said low bodyfat and genetics also. But looking good

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Starting to hear that. Does DHB help at all? I’m hearing some things like it helps with vascularity etc…?

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Nice work. Vascularity all boils down to bodyfat %.

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Ah ok, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was compound/juice related, urghhh I love food too much haha.

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Swole tf up..... Hard work pays.... Looking ripped my friend

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I appreciate the words, means a lot. Thanks bro.

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Good job, you look good! bro

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Thank you bro.

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Looking big bro.

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Hey thanks bro, means a lot to hear that.

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Looking awesome Blue. Happy to help as always, see what these guys are saying for your next cycle and if you need me I’m always here to give some advise/guidance. But you look awesome man congrats.

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Thanks GC, starting to feel like I’m actually getting somewhere with things. As always, thank you.