+ 5 3 1/2 Months after last shot trying to maintain off cycle


Had a good PCT and have done my absolute best to keep my routine mostly fitting in all my meals and training just as hard as when I was on cycle which got tough sometimes lol. Max weights went down a little but not too much, lost fullness and tough to eat with less appetite but the works not going to do itself!!

Glad to see everyone here killing it after I took some time off! Can’t wait for my next cycle, thinking about finally adding the king of kings for me (tren a) after a long hiatus Smile

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represent the 1% + lookin good man

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Preciate it bro! Keep training hard!

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+2 buddy, nice job. Everyone take notice, this guy doesn't comment a lot, but gives valuable input. Just shows up every now and then with a top notch physique. Respect bro.

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Thank you brother, very much appreciated.