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+ 5 2nd Touch Down to Aus..


4 x mast e
1 x npp
1 x test e
I'm blown away by the stealth packaging and service they provide. I actually thought it was something else. GC is amazing he corrected a order and chucked in a free test e. Customer for life bro.

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I agree…no need to worry about ROIDWAREHOUSE. They sent quickly and safely and have amazing gear. Shout out to Ghostman and Gandalf.

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Hey bro there's no need to worry it will be safe.

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This gear looks pretty nice. And its been several times already since I'm reading about how good their packaging is. Does it mean that I don't have to worry about the customs, even if I order overseas?

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I've order several times and I'm in the USA. And just like Diesel, I haven't had any problems. I just order, sit back and boom within 10 days I got my pack. No worries bro.

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Aight that's perfect I'll give them a try too.

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I live in the states and I’ve used this source multiple times, never had any problem. Your correct there packaging is pretty stealthy. I wouldn’t worry.