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+ 12 2021 bulk recomp phase update


So last time I posted I was basically at my peak bulkiness, and as I also mentioned in the last post I would be entering a recomp phase. Having just finished that up I felt like showing the progress from that last post to this one.

Truthfully this was a phase to more lose some body fat, a good amount of water, and just set myself up well for coming off and then my prep. I’m currently 28 weeks out

Last time I posted I weighed in at 232lbs, and in this post I am 218lbs, so 14lbs lost in about 4-5 weeks is pretty good in my mind.

My cycle switch from 600 test, 300 mast, 300 NPP to 600 test, 300 mast, 200 Tren ace. My coach and I did want some anavar in there but it fucked with my appetite too much so we dropped it. In addition to that we added 40mcg of clen the last two weeks, simply to drop a little more and for my coach to see how my bad manages the compound since this’ll be my first prep and his first with me.

My diet didn’t change a ton. It went from the macros 276g protein, 721g carbs, 88g fat to 276g protein, 493g carbs, 78g fat. Overall I basically cut 200 carbs

Training did not change at all. The training got me here, why change it.

Lmk if you have any other questions.

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Solid ++

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Solid work

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Leaning out nicely Z ++

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Just trying to lean up some before the real prep begins

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good work friend and thanks for sharing!

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Just checked out your 190lbs back shot from Nov. Insane progress and what the pic uploads are all about. Good effort bro, keep it up, genuinely impressive results all the while keeping dosages sensible.

Have you posted your training split before, have you got a spread sheet at hand you wouldn’t mind sharing?

28mg of Tren ace ED, Tren is potent but.. any plans to up it?

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I don’t have a spread sheet, but my split atm is push (chest), legs (quads), back, rest, push (shoulder), back and hams. And yes most likely on the Tren but our goal is to keep doses low while still making progress

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Nice rear lat, but I think the legs need to be a little farther apart with a slight bend, and the feet turned out. You want the lines of the lats and legs to look like an "X", so it doesn't look top heavy. And with the feet turned out, you get more of a side view of the thighs, making them look thicker. Plus, the bend makes it easier to contract the hammies. Good job though, keep it up!

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I’ll give it a try next time. Granted I won’t look like Roelly ever

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Haha, neither will I

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When I met him back that the 2019 Mr O he doesn’t look real, he looks like a fucking anime character

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Wow. That must have been an experience, meeting him in contest condition. I'm sure he was beyond impressive up close like that.

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I have met almost every single top pro, most were really cool guys

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Nice work Bro. +

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Good structure man, keep at it
Plus two from the Beard

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Looking pretty solid, legs definitely in a good balance. +1

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First and last pic the brachioradialis in the forearms look big and defined +2

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Thank you, truthfully I have been trying to improve that because in my front relaxed pose my arms look too skinny imo