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+ 19 2020 peak bulk physique update


Okay so this cycle had been a fun one. It was my first real cycle with my coach who I have been working with for about 6 months now.

Originally I was going to do a cycle log for this one but my coach decided to flip the script on it at the last minute so I was too lazy to change it and deleted the damn thing.

My peak weight was 232lbs and idk my bf% (guess) but I’m pretty please cause I came into this cycle at around 216lbs, so 15 pounds in 10 weeks is pretty good imo.

I started this cycle on October 13th, so I’ve been on for roughly 10 weeks, at this point we are likely going to try to cut back on the food some and recomp to put myself in a good position going off the cycle and then later when I do a prep.

My cycle during this was mainly 600mg test C, 300mg NPP, and 300mg Mast. I say mainly because we start with all these at a lower dose. This cycle has been very good and pretty low on sides. Also helps when diet is in check. I wanted to do GH since I had planned on it before I had my coach but my coach felt I wasn’t ready quite yet for it, felt like I had a lot of room to grow from just anabolics.

My diet was typically 6 meals a day, 1 intra-workout shake, 1 post workout shake. The protein sources were chicken, 93/7 beef, eggs, and whey. Carb source was bagels, rice, and carb powder. Fats were from the eggs, peanut butter, and coconut oil. My macro breakdown was 276g of protein, 721g of carbs, 88g of fat.

My non gear supplements included
1 Animal Pak
Vitamin D3 10,000IU
Chromium Picolinate 400mcg
Omega 3 1000mg EPA and DHA in total
Citrus Bergamont 500mg
CoQ10 100mg
Vitamin K2 100mcg
NAC 600mg
Astragalus Root: 3 grams
Berberine 500mg before meal 2 or 3
Metformin 500mg with first and last meal

For those wondering about the Metformin, my coach noticed my blood sugar was trending high (I had never checked it) and we decided to implement it as a means to bring it down. My blood sugar was trending at 110ish and now it’s in the mid 80’s so slowly but surely we are lowering it.

My training was fairly normal, 5 days on 2 days off, push, legs, pull, rest, legs, upper body, rest. The main goal was to do high intensity lower volume and then as I hit plateaus we would increase volume accordingly so long as I can recover.

If there is any other questions just lmk guys, open to any and all questions.

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Solid! +

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Good show sir!

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Great work.

Always improving and gaining ground!!! Plus 1

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Great progress and write up mate.

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Great work++ good stack

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Front is great but need some work on the back, Trim down some fat and continue to grow. Good work here!!


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Nice write up. Big dude. Good work buddy.

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Z is solid

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Right now I’m little Z, one day I’ll be big Z

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Boom!! Always a future goal. Looking good bro.

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+1 lookin HUGE brother, i could never shovel down that many carbs so ill give you another +1 for that

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+2 good physique.

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Looks like you got your ducks in a row. Keep up the good work.

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Good show Bud! Looks like a nice house too ++

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Wide lats!!! + 1

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Great work bro. ++ Hard work showing for sure

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Nice physic bro!!! Keep an eye on that flare before it's get to far I'm also sensitive to gyno flares +

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When you say flare do you mean the slight curve in my back?

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No I meant the puffy left nipple bro

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Oh I’ve had that for a minute, taking gear like an idiot, tbh I wanna get the surgery one day to get rid of one day once and for all

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I cant see it tbh. If there is some gland tissue under one or both you can get the surgery. +1 for the killer progress

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Thank you man, idk, I’ll decide later on if it gets worse