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2710 Test E Galenika and Danabol DS. Legit?


What do you guys think? The production and expiration dates could not be rubbed off. The dbol was shrink wrapped, but I already removed it.

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Interested to find out what you thought of Galenika test after. I found it to be significantly cut and more resembled of a water based than oil. Even a 23g could draw it up with little to no effort.

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Sorry, I know this is kind of late but I totally agree much thinner than I had been told Galenika's were supposed to be, also I think they were under dosed.

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I think what is VERY interesting is that the picture of the Galenika amps you posted here is the exact same picture Etalaze is using on their site.

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Sorry late reply, yeah I just checked and he's also using my pictures of the dbol as one of his pictures. Lol, whatever dude must be lazy.

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How was the Test E Galenika and Dbol DS?

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The test I believe to be very underdosed, didn't get bloods done so I cant be accurate, but the dbol was very good stuff. I gave half to a gym buddy and we both loved it, think there was like 500 pills in there or so, did not count though.

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Oops the Test E, where did you get from. They look legit....
As far as the Dbol

March Pharmaceuticals, I thought were the real blue hears and Body research were the counterfeits. Heard both are good so who knows. Just odd to see both names on it.

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where did you get these from