+ 10 17-16.5 weeks out from comp


First update of comp prep, still fairly soft imo but things are coming along nicely.

Current stats are 5’11”/ 208.8lbs/ 11.2 bf%

Current cycle being ran: 500mg test e, 300mg mast p, 300mg NPP and 3IU of GH

Normally I’d put a portion for diet here but it’s been changing week by week so I will just post my current macros on training days: P 270g, C 356g, F 58g

Training hasn’t changed, still same volume and weight, but strength has definitely taken a hit, which is expected somewhat when food has dropped.

Cardio is 25 minutes for 5 times a week.

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Good job man

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Uv come a long wayyyyyyy man awsome job look good man

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It’s all a matter of continuing results, I never like to be in the same place, that’s why when I hit a wall I hired a coach and it’s helped tremendously

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Great structure.

Continue to make the solid improvements and gains!!!

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Thank you man, I look to get to your size one day, you’re big man on campus around here

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I would hate to get kicked in the gut by you....quad city.

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Damn bro, looking solid and have great size. Ur deffinately gonna be on point when it's comp time. I'd say good luck, but u probably won't need it. Stay strong brother. +

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Lol I will always take any luck

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Solid bro you will lean out nice with that much time +1

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Thank you, my goal is to be lean cause I don’t worry about being big on stage simply because I know I won’t be, for me to look big I need another 20 pounds, and that’s for the Classic Physique division

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Yea youll come in lean for sure if everything goes good. Kill it bro Smile

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lookin damn good for 17 weeks out, keep us updated bro

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Will do, I view it as important to show results with gear visually vs people just saying shit on a review. Hard to believe the guy who says he gains 10lbs of muscle every cycle but only weighs 200lbs

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X1000 shows the results visually. Great wording and definitely your gear is working nice

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Looking very solid for a first comp! Question for you competition guys, what do you guys do to get rid of back hair before a comp?

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Couple of methods, being very careful with a basic razor or nair when it’s near competition time. I’m buying a hair trimmer and hoping that when my skin thins out it doesn’t cut into it because it’ll make life a hell of a lot easier

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Looking good to me bro, cutting sucks though. Hopefully you can power through and make this golden.

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My coach is very good about allowing certain things to keep me sane, such as utilizing veggie to make up more volume in food (as well as helping with shitting) and using diet soda for the carbonation to create a fuller feeling. I will say a lot of that will go away in the last 4 weeks since it gets extremely sensitive around then but this far out it’s okay

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Looking good brother! +

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Thank you

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Strength drop is a mental game but you look on point fir the weeks out. Good luck!

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Good news is that my coach manages it very well, he will alter the workout plan is need be for certain movements. For example pulling some lower rep sets with higher just to match volume but not require as much overall strength

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You can get a good post comp cycle too with carb changes. Amszing whst depletion and loading will fo. Sounds damn fun!

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Classic or BB? National show or Regional? You have a couch you’re working with bro? Pretty solid foundation if you haven’t competed before.

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Classic, regional, I have a coach, and this is my first comp

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No doubt! You’re with the tall boys too. What’s your weight cut off? I’ve got a National show in 17 weeks. Won’t start prep for another 5. I like the quick and hard version.

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I think it’s 212, which I’ll be well below. Tbh I want to stay on classic forever because 212 lean af is a fluffy 240 off-season, and I don’t wanna get much bigger than that (unless I go pro one day).

Also the only reason I am doing a very long prep is because I was a fluffy fuck and it’s my first comp, so I need ample amounts of time to make sure I’m ready since idk how my body will react to this level of conditioning

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Makes sense my man. Just stay consistent and have faith in the process! I can be rough towards the end of the first one. Mindset is everything

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I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with good people who are keeping me very honest. It’s important to have someone call me out for using sauces that are too high in calories or other shit like that.