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+ 14 “Leaning” towards success 240lbs.


Tren did the body good as far as getting rid of the stubborn fat .... as you can see I’m leaner and more vascular .... I took some time off ( Yes i do come off or even cruise depending on how serious the cycle was ).... I Got a lil abs now if u look at my pervious pics I’m holding n hiding the gut .... yes I have about a 4 pack ....

It’s the summer now I don’t plan on doing a “winter bulk” imma just stay around 235 to 240lbs.

P.s I hate this angle it makes my legs look small ....

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Large and in charge brother! Keep doing what u do, looking great... Legs anit small bro-tein.. +

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Thanks stunt man! Haha

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A big boy, great attitude, and always pushing forward. +1

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Thanks man appreciate you big time with all you do ... I read everything you have to say .... you’re very knowledgeable in this game ...

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Keep it up. Your only problem is you can still fit thru doorways. Not for to long tho.

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Haha ur movtiating me to take a picture in a doorways lol .... thanks Jrod

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Holy shit BEASTLY!!!

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Thanks man .... you’ll be looking like this soon I got faith in you

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Looking huge as always Sosa!
My autocorrect always wants to call you soda.

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Haha thanks brother .... hope all is well!

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Nice Mass Bud, I'll just continue to battle on for my shitty 220 Lol

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Press .... my guy you still look amazing n give some of the best advice out ...

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Sosa putting in work......Monica

Looking good

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My guy Roman ...Appreciate it greatly

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That boy thick right there!

Sorry that's from tiktok.

No homo..

But in all seriousness, i think we need more of this. People give advice all the time but never post up.

Some people on this site look like they don't even lift.

Keep up them gains!

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You can tell he puts in the work.

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Tbone I appreciate it brother.... I’m just trying to open the our door for more posts from others haha

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Your correct ,some do look like they dont even lift and then give advice..
Sosa looking like a boss up there..

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Appreciate you brother ... just trying fo be a lil more active out here haha

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He looks a lot heavier than 230lbs. Arms are a strong point but can’t see much else in all fairness with the tshirt.

I agree more members should upload photos to give more accountability.

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Amen brother!

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I’m around 240 here .... yes my arms are ... my chest will need to to “ grow more “ growmore .... hopefully I start the trend of selfies ...

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You’re huge bro, I bet you dwarf people in day to day life. Congrats on the size and leaning up. Your updates on the inj anadrol you ran a while ago has me itching to try mine.

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Appreciate the feedback and yes I’m trying to get more people to be active on the site ... I’m even coming more active myself ... I love all the advice especially from the experienced

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You know you get the +2 from me bro! Looking like a beast!

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Appreciate it ! Big time ...I’m going for greatness

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Killing it bro

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I’m trying I’m trying thanks man

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Angle your knees out more and it’ll show your sweep better. Straight on legs always look a little small. Same with back shots, hams pop better with a bit of a frog stance.

Plus two from the Beard brother

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Thanks... I’m reading this comment and posing under your instruction lol

Yea wen I set the photo on self timer i get the best angles haha


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Lookin swole bro+1

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Thanks brother, Going for that clean swole look right now .... no more dirty bulks hahaha