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  • USPS no more stamps on parcels

  • CBBurrr   •   Sun, Sep 29th, '19 16:38   •   6 replies, 905 views

Could be relevant to some people here. hope its within the rules to post.
Didnt want to link to usps

On Sept. 26, the United States Postal Service announced more restrictive rules governing the mailing of packages and letters franked with postage stamps. To alert USPS customers regarding the new regulations, a new warning label is being affixed to the nation’s more than 142,000 mail collection boxes.
The United States Postal Service has further tightened its rules governing the use of postage stamps on parcels and large letters.
New Aviation Mail Security Program rules will prohibit customers from placing stamp-bearing mail pieces that are more than ½ inch thick or weigh more than 10 ounces in mail collection boxes, building mail chutes or post office mail slots.
The USPS announced in the Sept. 26 Postal Bulletin that effective Oct. 1 such letters and parcels must be presented in person at a retail postal counter.


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  • daddyking1220
  • 9 months ago

Thanks for the notice bro

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  • Tron
  • 12 months ago

I hate USPS.

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  • stairmaster
  • 12 months ago
  • @Tron


Same IQ like the penguins from Madagascar, lol.

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  • jayisk
  • 12 months ago

they put those new mail collection boxes in my city months ago. you can barely fit a couple of pieces of mail into it. it is no longer that big pull open handle. its a narrow insert now.

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  • HK1911
  • 12 months ago


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  • Soulja
  • 12 months ago

That's lame af, thanks for the heads up.