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Pete Buttigieg who's the Secretary of Transportation claims the supply chain crisis with the container ships is due to the booming economy. Fact of the matter is it's because he has been on maternity leave for the last 2 months with his husband completely ignoring the container ship crisis! This guy even had the balls to say " Well if you don't get your Christmas presents by Halloween your probably will have a hard time getting any". Experts are now predicting empty store shelves all through next year including another toilet paper shortage! Shortages due to lack of dock workers to truck drivers and shelf stockers as inflation hits record highs along with fuel costs.

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We’re not in great shape. The economy is screwed, everyone hates each other, and I can’t afford to fill my take to get to work, or even buy beer to forget about the shittiness that comes with every new day. I work my ass off in a city so insanely, nonsensically progressive (seriously it’s bad), I can’t even go out anymore. Our leaders are failing us, and there isn’t anyone better that can replace them.

Love it.

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I’m a Dock worker on the east coast, most of what the public hears is Utter bullshit. The shortage is not due to our end but rather world wide mandates and global shutdowns happening everywhere but the east coast. This includes international warehouses and factories not able to keep up with demand because of mandates and shutdowns. We operate 24-7 and even though we’re short man power, we’re still efficient; on the other hand, the west coast is another discussion entirely. They shut down their terminals early and don’t have the truckers to deliver goods. Trucking industry is suffering because of poor pay, inflation and rising gas prices. It just doesn’t pay to be a trucker which this is something DNC candidate Andrew Yang has indicated throughout his campaign. Actually, much of these issues we face today, he already acknowledged but the people ignored his assessment and deciding to vote for an automaton to govern us. Inflation doesn’t effect the 1% as their wealth grew an average of 400% while everyone else will struggle from this point forward. This was orchestrated by the DNC and China as a response to the Trump administration and his trade war. Let the global communist agenda commence.

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The left decided that everyone needs to listen to them. “Be scared, stay indoors”… all of this mandating, and all the restrictions create the “wear a fucking mask or I’ll punch you” type of rhetoric. They saw an opening to seize power. And they chose to impale themselves - on the most ridiculous hill they could have chosen to die on - Masking kids? Mandated vaccines? “Follow the science” which, oh by the way, CHANGES EVERY OTHER DAY. Forcing people to act a certain way, or even say certain things…. Censorship has gotten to the point we see in early stages of communism. We have officially entered crazy land.

The good news is most people are waking up, and realizing the shit the far left — and far right are pushing for isn’t what they want. Most people just want to get along and not have their money fucked with. Pretty common sentiment there. How we got here, I will never understand.

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My business has seen 72% price increases in the last 9mos and on a web call today I will see another 6% as of tomorrow!!! All attributed to the price of steel!!WTF

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Bro- they need an excuse! Due to mass amounts of people quitting / getting fired due to mandates (high five for stand up for your rights).. same with the airlines, and truck drivers, hospitals.. etc. they need a scape goat, so they don’t have to admit it’s the mandate as the problem. This mandate crap is unconstitutional!!!!

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They are telling the unions to hold up the ports...there are plenty of interviews with truck drivers stating that there is no shortage of drivers for the L.A. ports..just an excess of red tape...If your not union then you have to wait for a non union carrier to transport your container....but there are hundreds of carriers/containers just sitting and waiting on a union truck driver. They have complaints backlogged because they have had a shortage of container unloaders and crane operators, but have not been training any this year. and big wigs have stated it will take months to get up to full 24/7 operations.

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We apparently had a fuel shortage in the UK which a certain Tory owned newspaper broadcasted first for an unknown reason.. people went crazy and it just so happened there was (at first) a 10-15% increase in price before it happened. Coincidence, I doubt it. They later in some places almost doubled the cost. Fuel stock has dropped since less people are commuting due to WFH so they fabricated a fuel shortage to build back some money. They’ll do the same with Christmas food and such. Coming into summer there will be a fucking suncream shortage and all of a sudden people will feel the need to buy 8 bottles.

What an dark fucking world we live in. And to top it off Prince Andrew still hasn’t been brought in for questioning about his involvement in a certain child trafficking and rape case.

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There is a big shortage on truck drivers. I hear the advertisements for open positions all the time on SiriusXM. These companies are offering big money and incentives to try to attract people. "10k sign on bonus", "80k a year", " Home every weekend".

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Yes, but the world is now segregating vax - un vax people. So as you see, people still value their constitutional rights to choose and quite or get fired to stand up for their rights!! Now these companies are unable to hire people and they truly needed all those truck drivers to make their companies survive. The government just does not want to admit that this will cause a huge problem for the world..

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Here in the UK all I ever hear is the LGV shortage (trucker), £700+ per week salaries, £25 an hour which is extremely attractive to the majority of the population. What they don’t tell you is the £800 per week is working 7 days a week away from home.. £114 something a day before tax is wank, especially for a 10 hour shift with the huge responsibility of driving a lorry. The £25 per hour is the over time before tax (once you’ve completed a 50 hour week). Again pure wank.

It’s a shit job, there is an over flow of people with there LGV license to cover the current shortage but no one wants to work in the industry as it’s fucking shit and thanks to brexit we no longer have an influx of Eastern European’s willing to put the graft in. I’ve met a handful of lorry drivers who now work in factories as the work is easier, the pay is better and you don’t have to sleep in a cab in a lay-by at night.

However if it is your cup of tea and you hate your wife you can bring in up to £80k a year driving a class 1 365 days of the year.

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I read somewhere one of the Big wigs over the docks stated this, "If we had dock workers working 24-7 , which we don't have, it would still be the middle of the summer in 2023 before they could get caught up. It's fucked up everywhere.

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