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  • Steroids Penis Size increase

  • rmarlin   •   Mon, Feb 9th, '15 01:17   •   7 replies, 1274 views

Old news, but anyone else grow an inch after a cycle?



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  • lobsterbrah
  • 4 years ago

Ever since cycle girlfriend has said I've been bigger

I've noticed I'm more at half chub than I use to be

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  • jmac2mill
  • 4 years ago

Yes from dht drugs

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  • rocketballz
  • 4 years ago

Jesus Christ of all the drugs she chooses tren!!

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  • strongman6969
  • 4 years ago

There studys in 1961that suggest fluoxymesterones androgenic nature is so strong it could promote phallic enlargement but im assuming thats prepuberty. Overall genes dictate pecker size.

In the book williams anabolics it goes into more detail but like I said genes genes genes

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  • cthangorilla
  • 4 years ago

I remember watching an episode of Breaking Bonaduce a few years back and he was talking to his doctor and the steroid use came up, and the doctor had inferred that it had enlarged his penis. I wish I could find the clip to share. Could provide a little insight on this subject. However it was also a tv show so that may take away credibility, as well as Bonaduce is probably full of shit.

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  • Rustyhooker
  • 4 years ago

Girls masculinize. You're stuck with what you got. I'll be happy simply looking like a third leg.

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