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Shree Venkatesh


I found this link, which I realize is not new news, about the two brothers who started Shree Venkatesh. Anabolic lab, assuming they are legit, recently posted up some tests from some of their products. They weren't very good. Not surprising now that I know these nefarious brothers are criminals in India. The link below is from an article from 2009. Buyer beware.

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I tried their test enanthate and I just got flu symptoms , god knows what they are putting in that crap, stay clear from this brand is my advise.

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Just got some Shree var 10's and I add you only get 50 in a snazzy box packaged in strips and there pricey ( £40!! ) but I was attracted to the look and glam of the packaging, I just presumed it would be an upcoming good quality UGL lab ... just as well id got them off a source as a freebie to try out ( as not to get stung as you do ) and after reading this im not impressed as unscrupulous individuals usually give two shits about quality and contents of tabs/jabs... so im coming off them with immediate effect.
I had got these to obv try for myself and review... im stopping taking them as of now and am void of a good thing to say about the tabs... there not rite took 60mg of them the other day pre workoiut and was disappointed was expecting beast pumps but no... there not like decent UGL var and going back to a tried and trusted lab.... Im just thankful id got them for nothing as a "try out" and that i got told of this article by a fellow Bro on the site, thanks to you Bro and good article/inclusion of the link : )

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Criminals, hard to believe, only thought the good guys produced the juice. Oh yeah, pharmacutical my ass. My rule is if they produce tren they are not a pharmacutical only UGL. Tren only exist in UGL.

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I never heard about them till 6 or so months ago and everybody was raving about how quality they are etc..

If a brand has a huge serge in hype like that I stay well away!

As rusty said its in few words it's no surprise organised criminals are making steroids it's a huge market! I hear of people doing it out of their mums garage making thousands a week!

At the end of the day it's a fancy UGL.

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I used their winstrol inj and it was very good. As long as they make quality stuff, who gives a fuck who they are

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Criminals and drug manufacturing? No way!

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Was fully joking but since you brought it up, you use only 100% pharma? Might want to recheck those ugl with pharma on the label.