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+ 3 R.I.P Shawn Rhoden


Shawn Rhoden aka Mr Olympia 2018 has passed away at the age of 46. It has been officially confirmed by Muscular Development. No cause of death has been released yet. Rest in Peace to the man who dethroned Phil Heath. Gone too soon.

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Yeah, it is a sad state of affairs, there were quite a few that died in 2021m pretty much falling into the Heart attacks, good old Covid (could the vax be a connection?) and then Shawn Rhoden. A man who followed his dreams, won the top title of the world, yet lost it all do an unproven scenario that night.

I am no judge or jury, but personally, I think it wasn't as clear cut case as we are led to believe. Innocent or guilty, if the media throws enough shit, then some of it will stick. Once his name has been smearer then his life and dreams are over, banned from competing in future events as federations turned their back son him, mixed with the depression that’s related to coming off the gear can screw with anyone’s head... then the personal instability starts to becomes more prevalent and what public also start to prejusge, he might see that ending it all is really the next logics step and only feasible option.

I pray I am wrong…

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I don't know how it sounds but I feel sadder that he died being wrongfully accused and banned from the sport he loved.

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Wtf, what are you smoking? Idiot! Btw it's still surreal coming back here and seeing that he died. Feels like he is alive.. so young.

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I think this man got back stabbed by a woman that wanted money and he didn't want to pay her.. I had the opportunity to meet Shawn the year he won Mr. Olympia. he was guest posing and noticed I should've gotten 1st when i got 2nd and him and I had a great conversation for about 30mins . He told me to keep staying humble and wait for my time. He was well over 300lbs that year and was so big and looked out of shape and for him to come in dialed in was remarkable and he deserves it. its a real tragedy. I think he died from being stressed out and being so big. My dad and I discussed this during thanksgiving he made sure I got a photo with Shawn and I'm still in shock that he died.

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His death was felt all over the bodybuilding community. I'm sure many males here felt in some way his pain of being treated like a criminal without being convicted of the crime.

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R.I.P champ
Please donate to his go fund me to help his daughter!

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Damn, died never being allowed to defend his title.

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Such sad news to the bodybuilding world, Shawn was a huge inspiration in the sport. He had such an amazing physique, undeniable symmetry, my condolences to his close friends and family.

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Very sad. The man was an inspiration. Fought his way through the battle of alcoholism and got sober only then to earn his pro card and eventually go on to win the O at 43. RIP.

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I think he is the oldest guy to ever win the Mr. O isn't he?

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I believe he was.

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Young dude too RIP

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Just heard about this - Very sad news Sad

Apparently it was a Heart Attack.

Here's another article following on from it:


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Yes! That year was awesome. He stayed covered up all season too. He had placed 5th the year before. He stepped on stage looking like a statue. I remember yelling "hell yea!!" when he stopped and was looking at Phil trying to catch his breath with his gut all poking out. It sucks he never got to clear his name of those charges.

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cool story but he died due to steroids. I'm sure his family is so proud that he brought you joy and you said "hell yea!"

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I guess they will say the same about you. But atleast he won an olympia. What did you win.

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What a Stupid & Inappropriate comment from you as per usual.

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