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  • NY personal trainer popped

  • 313Gorilla   •   Wed, Jan 20th, '16 12:13   •   6 replies, 1921 views


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  • SwoleHermit
  • 5 years ago

It's always reassuring to know my tax dollars are well spent. Giving folks the autonomy and independence to develop their physical form in a way of their own choosing is a fools errand. Only The state knows what's best for you. Now be a good little puppet, go take your adderall, pop a few Wellbutrin and stop making decisions for yourself.

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But brother, who are you going to vote for in the next election?!?! That's the REAL question! Because, it's so important! IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN HISTORY!!! I mean, literally, it'll change your life forever!

Sure, you'll still have to pay rent. And you'll still be in charge of your own daily affairs. Oh, and if something goes wrong in your life, you'll have to fix it cuz no one from D.C. is gonna come help you out. Your own health? Yup, you're in charge. Your relationship? Yup, you still have to take care of that too, and that takes a lot of work that no one else can do for you. What about your job, you ask? Well, the ancient wisdom of "spend less than you make and save some for a rainy day" still applies.


(For me, if any of you lot haven't picked up on my super thick sarcasm, I take care of my own life and family. D.C. can fuck off. Cheers to you, @SwoleHermit, and thank you for making me laugh my ass off in your reply to this thread!)

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  • 5 years ago

Oh look,......a phone number, maybe I should call and turn in GNC.

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  • 5 years ago

Now the world is a better and safer place. Smmh

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He was just trying to speed up the recovery process lol

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Lmao but there heros , any one that trys to get in shape will be apprehended immediately