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NASA have discovered a 13th Star Sign .....


Sorry - But I found this just too damn funny not to post Lmfao ....

And we think we have problems when running out of gear in the pandemic!

Have a read of some of the comments at the bottom too.

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My star sign said:

You better get your ass to the gym!

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Uranus is still my favorite homo

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Oh man so many chicks about to lose their excuse for their attitude

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Lol, what is wrong with people !! .....lack of brains and common sense I guess. I find as I get older
This almost seems to be normal with a lot of people.

Guess I'm going to have to break the news to my wife that we have to get divorced now haha

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Bud according to the chart I am no longer a Piscean, I'm heartbroken :(

My Life no longer has a meaning .....