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Melissa Bumstead busted in Florida


Wonder if it was all for her? Or to be divided up???

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I'd say by the contents of the package and the proximity to the Mr. O it was likely for her brother. Test Prop-Masteron-Anavar. Surprise, surprise the building the package was delivered to was owned by CBum. The Mr.O was also being held Florida. I guess in a way it could also be for her husband as well seeing as he was competing in the contest also in the open weight. Thats a big risk for CBum to take if he's not getting any of the goods haha. Imagine if he'd received the package and been jailed? The IFBB would certainly have to pull him from the show. Close call for him in that regard. Breaks my heart to know these IFBB pros aren't building their physique's with cell tech and bcaa's lol

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That's wild. She's the wife of an IFBB Pro who is on a certain podcast I watch quite often.

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Is she Iain Vallieres wife? I don't really follow BBing but do watch some of his videos as he's a strong M'Fer!!

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Yup she is. You should check out Fouad Abiad's Bro Chat podcast on youtube. It's entertaining and Ian is on there quite a bit.

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The belief is she might be taking the fall for a couple dudes.

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If that's true, that's pretty solid of her (or stupid depending on your opinion/stance). Luckily her brother and her man have enough money for some solid legal representation. Curious to know how this will impact her career.

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This is why I don't order gear from overseas