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It gets real weird when someone else is playing techno music through your phone and has full control of your screens

Oh…and cover your front camera when you’re taking a dump

Live-streaming technology

iPhone camera LIVE setting ON or OFF

“Weaponizing the iPhone remotely”

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Shoot, these days you gotta be careful who's charger you may be using to charge your phone.. Find a charger laying around somewhere, steer clear of that .. buy a brand new cord.. Visiting someone, or staying somewhere, avoid using a charging/usb cord thats not yours.. some of them are reversed engineered to hack your shit

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Android has it to andro-rat one link sent from termux based Kali port. Fun stuff. (Don't click links from me)

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Holy shit, I'm reading about this now and it's genius. My guess is that it will be flooded full of bored teens looking to stir shit up and find nudes but it can also be a very dangerous tool, even for the user.

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I remember seeing this in the news and Apple release a software update for it. In fact, I got an email from my IT Dept for my work issued iPhone and it said if I didn't update the software within 24 hours they would disconnect my phone from the network. Had to be a serious issue because I've never seen that before. Since my phone got hacked, I have done my best to add extra security layers and eliminated services I rarely use. The more apps you have the greater the chance of a breach somewhere.

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They (he) had full control of my phone and screens

Only way I could block him was the cellular toggle or airplane mode or resetting

Resetting was only a temporary fix

They inserted other apps
Used Siri to learn


They could hear me and see me with livestream

I could hear them

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That is next level crazy. Worse than what happened to me. Scary

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Some of the App Icons were just black n white graphic type :

Chinese keyboard
Translate icon was on set to two languages

They manipulated Google search to compromise pertinent info and customer service numbers

I’m assuming some people never notices they were compromised

I just happened to start noticing my toggles in my setting kept changing

They mentioned the “glitch” or maybe function was in the iPhone core

Image an attack like this on numerous iPhone customers across the country simultaneously

That would be bad

I bet lot of import influential people would look just like ole Hunter Biden

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(I haven’t seen it yet)

Maybe post iFits article he posted

I’d like to know his opinion on:

Live-streaming technology and websites with DarkMode, webCams drivers/chips used for facial recognition, casting and screen-mirroring and CCTV TECHNOLOGY

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Keep in mind , they are just revealing this to the public now but imagine how long this has been going on and how many people of influence have been compromised


iPhone also has:

Live listening

Screen recording

Screen mirroring

This recent hacker used apps and Siri learn to spy without anyone knowing

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Oh yea…definitely…they make the phone

Or could even be somebody working at an Apple store in Dallas

Or ProtonMail

Like bees to honey

Govment real good at honey pots

They got the best honey